Rates & Policies

Intro Special – $40

Two classes for the price of one

Drop In class – $40

Children’s Flamenco Dance

$22 membership package

$25 Drop-in rate.

Summer 2024 Classes

$30- 60 min beginning 1 flamenco fundamentals

$50- 1.5 hr class

$180- 4 (1.5 hr) classes

$340- 8 classes

$460- 12 classes

$575- 16 classes

$660- 20 classes

$720- 24 classes

$800- unlimited classes

Monthly Autopay Rates/ *billing cycle

1 class/week- $120 (5 classes per billing cycle)

2 classes/week- $240 (10 classes per billing cycle)

3 classes/week- $300 (15 classes per billing cycle)

4 classes/week- $360 (20 classes per billing cycle)

5 classes/week- $420 (25 classes per billing cycle)

Unlimited classes/week- $480 (Unlimited amount of classes per billing cycle)

*Billing cycle runs on the x day of each month.

Accepted payment

Credit cards


Autopay is billed in cycles on the x day of each month and may be cancelled at any time. Cancellations must be made at least 7 business days before the next billing cycle. Autopay may be paused in two week increments up to 3 times per year. No refunds.

Missed Classes

Any absences can be made up in another class of the same or lower level, as long as the make-up class is in the same session as the missed class. There are no carryover credits or refunds for missed classes.

General Policies

In order to keep all classes starting and ending on time, the studio will be open 10 minutes prior to each scheduled class. All classes are 55 minutes in length to allow for 5 min turnover between classes.


NWFA Students are expected to respect and willingly abide by all studio regulations. The studio reserves the right to dismiss any student whose attitude, conduct or attendance is found to be unsatisfactory.

Studio Representation

The Directors have the final say regarding class placement, costuming and performance eligibility.

Health and Safety

Students must not attend classes if they are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms or feeling otherwise unwell.

Private lessons

Private lessons are available upon request.

Substitute Instructors

Substitute teachers may occasionally teach classes when the assigned instructor is unable to.

NWFA Performance

An annual student performance will take place. Each student will know prior to performances if they are eligible to perform. Eligibility is based on several criteria, such as class attendance and ability to attend required rehearsals. Students must join a repertoire class by mid April in order to be eligible to perform. Private lessons are available as needed in order to catch up. Students may continue to attend class without performing up until 4 weeks before the performance.

Scholarship and work study

Available on case by case basis.