Empowermentthrough Flamenco Arts

NW Flamenco Academy was born from a collective desire to provide a place for the Flamenco Arts to be learned, nurtured and celebrated in the Seattle area. 

Flamenco has always been a collaborative art form, involving everyone. From toddlers learning how to walk (and dance bulerias), to the pyrotechnics of youth, to the wisdom and experience of elders – Flamenco is an art form with a living language that offers creative expression to all.

flamenco para vivir

Northwest Flamenco Academy is a space to learn and enjoy the Flamenco arts in a supportive and non-judgmental community, where everyone’s unique gifts can be explored, honed and celebrated.

Flamenco Haven Studio

Our Home and Center for Flamenco Arts

4000 Factoria Boulevard SE
Bellevue, WA 98006
(next to AT&T)

Our studio has a 900 sq ft sprung solid oak hardwood floor, professional PA system with sound board, 40 linear feet of mirrors with a curtain that can be drawn for events and shows. Other amenities include a fresh air ventilation system, bathroom and kitchenette.

Studio rental rate $50/hr.

To inquire about rental availability, please email flamencohavenrentals@gmail.com.